Charging for your Time

Quorum’s quick guide to charging for your time

Charging for your time is easy and transparent with Quorum. Your time spent in each chat is tracked, payments are automated and messy calculations are all taken care of in-app.

Setting your rate

When providing services through chat, there are two main ways to charge for your time depending on the service you’re providing.

1. Subscription Fee

This an upfront fee paid by your clients when they sign up, and typically taken monthly after that. All subscription fees are clearly shown when signing up.

If you provide services in excess of what’s covered by your subscription fee, we'll notify you so you can move to your hourly rate.

2. Hourly Rate

This is your price-per-hour and which is agreed-upon with your clients when they sign up.

Your time spent in each chat is calculated - including time spent responding to messages - so you know exactly what to charge. Once you hit ‘okay’, payments are charged to your client accounts.