How Time is Calculated

An explanation about how the time you spend chatting with the group owner is calculated

Quorum is a chat platform used by business owners and service providers to manage payments and chat with their clients

Many service providers (including coaches, therapists, legal consultants) charge in two ways:

  1. Retainer: This is a recurring fixed fee that is usually charged on a monthly basis as an upfront procurement of agreed services / actions.

  2. Billable hours: The amount of time spent working that can be charged to a specific client according to a previously agreed upon hourly rate.

Quorum makes it easy/transparent for group owners to charge using both of these methods through the app:

1. Subscription Fees

A group owner may decide to charge an upfront cost for access to a group. You will be shown the amount when signing up to a group. A detailed explanation of signing up to a group with a subscription is provided in the Joining a Quorum group walkthrough but requires adding a payment method that can be recurrently charged.

2. Time Calculator

An owners time spent on the app is tracked. This includes reading & responding to messages. The amount of time spent is calculated and sessions are made available to the group owner.

They can provide Quorum with a price per hour which can be used to charge a payment method (usually the same one added for Subscription Fees) for a client.

Clients are only charged for time spent in their chat by the coach.

Business owners / Consultants usually include a fixed number of billable hours in their retainer. These are deducted from the time based calculations in advance of charging the card to ensure that only the excess time spent on a client is charged for.