About us

Quorum is a chat platform on which you can run your online business or community.

We created Quorum because we believe in virtual businesses and communities. Now more than ever the right tools and needed by creators, influencers and business owners to collect payments/subscriptions, manage their users/fans and communicate/interact with them.

In recent times there has been an explosion of online courses, classes, and groups springing up all over the internet. These are being hosted on Zoom, FB Live, Instagram; being paid for using PayPal, Venmo, bank transfer; and being managed through spreadsheets, WhatsApp, email. There are separate platforms for every part of the journey.

Our mission is to bring all the tools together for users to be able to easily run and manage all aspects of their online business.


Our team began with three Irish founders (Patrick, Romy and David).

Our founding team

We started out building a totally different product as part of the Y Combinator program, who have supported amazing companies like Stripe, Dropbox and Airbnb before us. You can read about some of our previous endeavors in Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology Review and our own blog.

We've since raised $2 million from some pretty great investors (who were among the first to also invest in other amazing mobile apps such as Calm, Revolut, and TransferWise 🏅).

We've since hired two more people, Devin and Eoghan, are are still looking to grow the team!